Bio-historical book about life in Motley and Staples area

Book-The-War-YearsChristine (Vasecka) Howard, a former childhood resident of Motley, has published her second  book “Woman of the Heartland: The War Years.” This second book covers her mother’s life from her engagement through the many places her husband was stationed in World War II. The books ends when Tom, the author’s father, finishes the house she and her seven siblings grew up in. She includes an afterword with memories of her mother from herself and her siblings. It concludes with her mother’s death.

Howard’s mother, Doris (McAllister) Vasecka, was a lifetime resident of the area and her father, Tom, was born in Staples and spent his life in the area.

Howard’s first book Woman of the Heartland: Rural Upbringing,” covered her mother’s life from birth to engagement.  It was a struggle during the years following World War I and the depression. Doris fought to graduate from high school attending three different ones. Then went on to Walker Teachers training program, became a teacher and taught in a one-room school house.

Howard said both of her books are bio-historical works. Although the events that occur did happen, she has fictionalized the stories to make them more enjoyable. Many of the stories were told to her by her mother and feature her ancestors and their friends and neighbors. Howard says the second book is more closely tied to the real happenings in her mother’s life as a new bride and mother and the dialogue are words right from her mother’s mouth. One reader said the book brought her to tears and then “I lost it when I read the poem you wrote after your mother died.”

Howard attended Motley Public School through the eighth grade then went to St. Benedict’s in St. Joseph and finished nursing school at St. Gabriel’s in Little Falls. She now lives in Yuma, Ariz. with her husband Gary. They have moved about the country living in Texas, Oklahoma and New Mexico before retiring.

Howard will host an author presentation and book signing at the Little Falls Carnegie Library, Tuesday, July 8, from 4 p.m. – 6 p.m.

Both books will be available for purchase. They can also be found at as both print and e-books.