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The Swanville School Board held its regular meeting on June 10, 2014 in the High School Library. Board Members present were Jay Loven, Kathy Beckman, Todd Jackson, and Rick Gutormson. Absent were board members Chris Kircher and Jeff Opelia. Also present were Superintendent Harthan and some staff members.
Chair Loven called the meeting to order at 7:00 pm.
Motion made by Beckman and seconded by Gutormson to approve the agenda for this meeting. Motion carried.
Motion made by Jackson and seconded by Loven to approve the minutes of the May 12, 2014 school board meeting. Motion carried.
Morrison County Sheriffs Candidate Tom Justin spoke to the board regarding his running for sheriff.
7-12 Principals Report:
1. Graduation went successfully. We graduated 22 students, 86% are going on to Post Secondary Education. Total dollars on scholarships awarded: $154,050.
2. We are doing well on the Teacher Evaluation Piece, we will be working with NJPA on this venture. There will be some team training in August and all staff will be attending a seminar during workshop.
3. We will be implementing another Bridges Academy this fall. This academy will be in Design Engineering.
4. The policy of not moving kids forward class wise is working well, we have very few students that need to make up credits in the freshman and sophomore classes.
5. We are set up to receive training during fall workshop on legal requirements in Special Education, this is being provided by Mid-State.
Elementary Principals Report:
1. All field trips went well. Grades 4-6 were not able to go bowling due to problems at the bowling alley.
2. The elementary music and elementary band concert was on May 20.
3. The elementary track and field day was held on May 27.
4. The elementary awards program was on May 28.
5. During the elementary awards program, a drawing was held for the Caught Being Good students for a bike and a pass for 4 to the water park at the Holiday Inn in Brainerd. Gracie VanHeel won the bike and Baaron Dombovy won the pass to the water park. Thanks to Judy Walker of Horace Mann Insurance for the bike and Angie VanRisseghem of Swanville Insurance for the water park pass.
6. We are only running summer school for special education students, not Title like in the last few years. We have also cut back on the community ed, classes.
7. Thanks to all who helped make this another successful year.
No ALC report was presented.
Information was shared explaining how the state is asking districts who are on the 4 day week to go back to a 5 day week.
The proposed budget for 2014-2015 was presented. General fund revenue is projected at $3,043,449, and general fund expenditures are projected at $3,033,199.
Motion made by Loven and seconded by Beckman to approve the preliminary budget for 2014-2015. Motion carried.
Discussion was held on aid anticipation certificates, a possible referendum for November, 2014 and Location Operating Revenue. Ehlers will be asked to attend the July school board meeting to further explain these and to present options to the board.
Motion made by Beckman and seconded by Gutormson to approve Tracy Hannah as junior high volleyball coach. Motion carried.
Discussion was held on the open English teaching position. It was felt that we need to start interviewing.
Motion made by Jackson and seconded by Gutormson to approve Tom Bzdoks resignation as junior high football coach and thank him for his years of service. Motion carried. Some discussion was held on junior high football starting earlier and if the coaches should be compensated for the extra time.
Motion made by Loven and seconded by Gutormson to adopt the resolution setting the filing dates for the school board members. Motion carried. The terms of Jay Loven, Todd Jackson, and Rick Gutormson are up for election.
Motion made by Beckman and seconded by Jackson to call for bids for milk and dairy products and bread and bakery products for the 2014-2015 school year. Motion carried.
Motion made by Loven and seconded by Jackson to approve Gene Harthans resignation as superintendent effective June 30, 2014. Motion carried.
A proposal was presented for a security system for the main entrance doors for the commons and the ones by the office. Concern was raised over cost. It was asked if we could just do the commons doors for now, and what that would cost.
Negotiations need to be held with the bus drivers and the 7-12 principal.
A second section of Pre-school Pals may be needed as we are already full, and have a couple of students on a waiting list. It was agreed to ask the Lions Club for $5,000 to help pay for this second section.
Motion made by Jackson and seconded by Gutormson to pay the bills in the amount of $98,505.62. Motion carried.
Motion made by Beckman and seconded by Gutormson to approve electronic transfers of $28,009.20 on May 20, 2014 and $30,778.76 on June 5, 2014. Motion carried.
Motion made by Loven and seconded by Beckman to adjourn the meeting at 8:20 pm. Motion carried.

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