Kresha stands for life

To the Editor:

During his first term in the legislature, Rep. Ron Kresha stood up for our values in Central Minnesota, and proved to be a reliable pro-life legislator. Rep. Kresha voted with the bipartisan pro-life majority in the Minnesota House on several occasions, protecting the unborn and supporting the pro-life cause.

In 2013, Kresha earned a 100 percent rating from Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life, a pro-life organization that tracks pro-life legislation. He voted to prevent taxpayer funded abortions through Minnesota’s ObamaCare exchange and to ensure that abortion facilities are licensed and inspected just like all other medical facilities, which will increase safety for mothers across the state.

I’m glad we’ve got someone like Ron Kresha in the Legislature standing up for the unborn and working with the bipartisan pro-life majority to protect life. Let’s send Rep. Kresha back to St. Paul this November to keep fighting the good fight. — Kathy Woitalla, Little Falls