Little Falls Police Department

June 11 — Someone egged a car and filled the gas tank with sugar while it was parked at the owner’s residence on Buck Lane.

June 11 — Someone threw eggs at a vehicle and enclosed trailer while it was parked in the street in front of a residence on First Street Southeast. No damage was reported.

June 11 — Someone stole a Black Mike Spinner BMX bicycle, valued at $150, from a residence on Lindbergh Drive. The bicycle had been locked and attached underneath a deck.

June 12 — Someone egged a house and garage at a residence on Florence Avenue, puncturing the siding of the garage.

June 12 — Someone damaged property on Fourth Avenue Southeast by throwing eggs at it.

June 12 — A resident on First Street Southeast reported their brother had received multiple scam phone calls asking for money.

June 13 — A resident on 13th Street Southwest reported a theft.

June 14 — A scam was reported in which a resident on Eighth Street Northeast was called by a subject claiming to be from the Minnesota Lottery. The caller told the resident they had won $5 million and asked the resident to put $400 in a Moneygram and send it out. The resident sent the money and has continued to receive information from the scammer asking for more money.

June 15 — Someone stole a riding mower and several bicycles from a store on 18th Street Northeast.

June 15 — A store on Second Avenue Northeast reported a shoplifter.

June 16 — Someone stole a bicycle from the south side bike rack at Lindbergh School on Ninth Street Northeast.

June 15 — A store on Second Avenue Northeast reported a shoplifter.

June 16 — A business on First Avenue Northeast reported someone had put a torch in the coin return slot of a pop machine, causing damage.

June 18 — Someone stole a red Trek men’s 26-inch bicycle from a residence on Fourth Avenue Northeast. The name “Gary Fisher” is written in white on the frame of the bicycle.

June 20 — A resident on First Avenue Southeast reported a theft.

June 25 — Someone ran into a vehicle hitting the front passenger side causing moderate damage. The suspect left the scene.

June 25 — A business on First Avenue Northeast reported a $20 counterfeit bill.

June 25 — A resident on Third Street Northwest reported a theft.