Nathan Mooney charged with receiving stolen property

Nathan William Mooney, 18, Little Falls, was charged June 4 in Morrison County District Court with one felony count of receiving stolen property.

On Jan. 10, the Brainerd Police Department received a report of stolen sporting goods from a shop in Brainerd being sold by “Irish06271995” on eBay. An investigation of the items being sold matched those missing from the shop.

During further investigation, the officer believed the eBay account belonged to Mooney. He went to Mooney’s residence and while no one was home, he was able to see  several cardboard boxes with the address of the shop in Brainerd on them.

According to the criminal complaint, it was believed that employees of the shop were stealing from the owner, then providing the merchandise to Mooney to sell. When the officer spoke with two juvenile employees, they admitted to the thefts.

In a later interview with the Brainerd officer, Mooney allegedly said he knew the juveniles and that he knew the property he was selling was likely stolen, but that he “turned a blind eye to it.”

According to the criminal complaint, Mooney said he took 50 percent of whatever was sold and would pay the juveniles in cash. He estimated the total retail value of the items sold was about $30,000.

Mooney listed 69 items for sale on eBay in January of which 16 were new items stolen from the Brainerd store. The value came to $3,139.25. In total, 38 items were stolen from the shop with a value of $20,266.50.

If convicted, Mooney faces a maximum penalty of 5 years in prison and/or a $10,000 fine.