Little Falls School District deemed one of the best workplaces in the state

By Tina Snell,  Staff Writer

The Minneapolis Star and Tribune newspaper recently published its Top 100 workplaces in Minnesota. Work Place Dynamics surveyed many businesses across the state to come up with the top 100.

In addition to the top 100 businesses, 55 more in Minnesota were touted for exceeding the national standards for top workplaces.

Little Falls Schools was on that list.

There is a community feeling that the district is going in the right direction, said Supt. Stephen Jones.

The criteria needed to be on the list of 55 included the employees’ opinions on the health of the organization and how each one felt about their job.

TWPIn the category concerning the health of the organization, the survey asked those participating (247) about the direction the district was going in, the execution of its policies and the connection of the district to the community.

Individually, the employees of the Little Falls District were asked about their work, their manager and their pay and benefits.

“Every category scored well except for pay and benefits,” said Jones. “But, they all liked their job and the leadership.”

One employee wrote, “People in this building work together to better the education of our children. We have a strong leader that will support us, both professionally and personally. Most of all, it is fun to come to work.”

Another wrote, “I have great leadership and am respected by those I work with. I feel that I am valued and I have the same work ethics and philosophy as others at the high school.”

“To me, this means our employees like what they do. In education, it’s important to know that the more an employee likes what they do, the better they are at their job,” Jones said.

Jones said that throughout his two years in Little Falls, he has stressed across the organization his desire to continually work to make the district a place where staff members feel valued and appreciated for their dedication to children and families.

“We still have much to accomplish in this area, but the recognition of our district as a Top Workplace indicates what many, many, many of us already know. That Little Falls Community Schools is indeed a great place to work.”