A charge of possession dismissed against Rush

On June 27, George E. Rush, 54, Little Falls, had the charge of third degree possession of a controlled substance dismissed in Morrison County District Court.

When Rush had been arrested Jan. 12 on another charge, his wife went through the pockets of his overalls and found a methamphetamine pipe. She called law enforcement.

On Jan. 13, an officer met with Rush’s wife and was shown the overalls. He located the pipe plus a metal container containing two small baggies with a crystal-like substance which appeared to be methamphetamine.

The items were seized and later field-tested positive for methamphetamine, which weighed more than three grams.

The arresting officers from the night before attested Rush had been wearing the overalls that evening.

Prosecuting attorney Michel Chisum said Judge Conrad Freeberg dismissed the case when he decided there was not enough probable cause to charge Rush with the crime of possession.