Pine River man charged with three felonies: burglary, theft and possession of a firearm

Clinton Clyde Karnes, 28, Pine River, was charged June 27 with one felony count each of first degree burglary with a dangerous weapon, theft and possession of a pistol/assault weapon with a previous conviction.

The burglary and the theft of a shotgun was reported April 6 to the Little Falls Police Department by a resident of the state of Washington. She and her husband owned a residence in Little Falls, having purchased it for her husband’s mother.

The mother recently moved into a nursing home. The victim believed that her husband’s nephew, Karnes, then moved into the home without their permission.

The victim came to Little Falls in early April to confront Karnes, but he and his friends had moved out before she arrived.

The victim told police she learned on April 5 that a gun, which had been stored in the home, had been stolen out of the gun safe.

A friend of Karnes’ who had been living in the home, allegedly told police that Karnes had told him he was purchasing the house on a contract for deed. He said Karnes removed the shotgun from the safe and sold it to him for $125.

On April 7, the owner of the gun told officers it had been returned to him. The person who had purchased it for the $125 discovered it had been stolen and gave it to the rightful owner.

An examination of Karnes’ criminal record showed he was convicted of third degree burglary in March 2010 in Morrison County, a crime of violence. Karnes is not allowed to possess any type of firearm.

If convicted, Karnes faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and/or a $35,000 fine.