MDH identifies issues at St. Gabriel’s Hospital related to participation in Medicare

A site visit to St. Gabriel’s Hospital by the Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) in early June identified issues related to the hospital’s participation in the Medicare program.

“The hospital is developing and submitting a plan of correction to ensure full compliance with the Centers for Medicare and Medicare Services (CMS) Conditions of Participation in the Critical Access Hospital program, said Lee Boyles, CHI St. Gabriel’s Health president.

“St. Gabriel’s Hospital will continue to work with MDH and CMS to maintain the hospital’s long-term commitment to ensuring a safe and quality environment for our patients,” said Boyles.

“St. Gabriel’s Hospital is a full participant in the Minnesota Hospital Association’s (MHA) safety initiatives, earning all five of MHA’s safety awards for Safe Site, Safe from Falls, Safe Count, Safe Account and Safe Skin,” he said.

At this time, health care operations at St. Gabriel’s Hospital remain uninterrupted.  A full CMS survey is expected to take place within the next two weeks.

St. Gabriel’s expects the results of the survey will confirm that it remains in compliance with all Conditions of Participation in the Medicare program and will continue to provide high-quality care to all of its patients, said Boyles.

  • Jody Scott Olson

    This story doesn’t have any information regarding what the compliance issues are. Thank you for another public relations pieces!

    • LF Taxpayer

      You and your cohort are very good at pointing out problems with various individuals and institutions. City, Paper, Radio, Sheriff, Mayor, etc. This is what liberals do, bitch about numerous issues, cause trouble and offer few solutions.

      • Rick Witte

        Sorry LF Taxpayer but Jody’s question is legitimate. There is nothing in the story which would tell one what exactly the compliance issues were/are. Something which would be important for the Community to know, but which the MDH might not release.

    • Rick Witte

      That was the same unanswered question I had once reading this article? What exactly were the issues which potentially would put them out of compliance? Was it care issues or did they not have 50 file cabinets full of documentation to show they provided quality care. One must remember quality care is judged by paperwork and not the care provided.

  • robin hensel

    Is St.Gabriel’$ Hospital under investigation? ¿¿¿¿ $ure seems like it!! A big concern for ALL patients is the fact that sick staff must miss 3 days of work BEFORE they can take any accumulated sick pay, and consequently most sick employees show up for work sick instead of staying home because they can’t afford to lose the income. In a healthcare facility?? REALLY??? Now who would EVER set up a program like thi$¿¿¿ Answer: your PROFIT DRIVEN COMMUNITY HOSPITAL CORPORATION!!

    • tmac

      In many work places there is a big difference between sick pay and accumulated sick pay.
      If this is the case at the hospital your argument has no merit.

      • robin hensel

        tmac….I have an idea….since you are convinced there are not countless staff showing up sick for work at our community hospital, why don’t you get proof from the hospital that their staff are not required to miss 3 days before they are entitled to sick pay.

        • tmac

          You stated “accumulated” sick pay.
          It is my understanding that the hospital contracts have a certain number of Professional Leave Days which can be used for any reason. If they chose not to use them for sickness it is NOT the hospitals fault, it is theirs.

          • robin hensel

            tmac…..full time hospital staff must be sick for 3 days and show proof of a doctor’s statement before they can get any paid sick time, unless they use their PTO instead. Parttime staff (of which there are many) do not get ANY paid sick days, so consequently a lot of staff are showing up sick for work instead of losing their pay. This is simply no way to run a hospital. Remember that people, before you show up for care. This is a BIG problem for the community.

          • tmac

            Most everything in this county is a BIG problem for you it seems.
            I am not certain about part time workers at this hospital but if the full time workers choose not to use PTO time when they are sick the fault still lies with them. PTO days are usually great enough in number to accommodate a sick day here and there.
            And I do not see how this discussion is anyway related to the topic at hand, so I will stop now.