Clean and healthy thanks to Larsen

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter on behalf of Shawn Larsen. I have seen firsthand how Shawn has worked with the youths in our community and how he changed my life.

He has helped with raising drug awareness in our schools and individually with certain teens. Back in 2005, Shawn and the drug task force intervened in my life by busting me with a meth lab. If it wouldn’t have been for Shawn, I would still be going down the same path I was almost 10 years ago.

I am clean because of it and live a healthy lifestyle and enjoy my wife and children to the fullest. A lot of people say they have gotten clean for other reasons, but mine is that Shawn intervened.

I believe that Shawn would be an excellent candidate to serve our community as sheriff and would do the job well. As I know Shawn, he would go the extra mile to keep our community safe. — Shaun Schraut, Little Falls

  • Concerned citizen

    Wow! That is a great testamonial! Thanks for sharing!