Rhoda Avenue residents bring complaints to Swanville Council

By Kerry Drager, Correspondent

Swanville residents along Rhoda Avenue approached the City Council to express their concerns with the new boulevard.

Large stones and other unwanted debris is present in the soil, making it difficult for grass to sprout. Rhoda Avenue residents are also struggling with weeds growing in the boulevard, they feel this is due to poor quality soil and grass seed.

Architect Mike Rude addressed the concerns from the citizens. Lowell Drager presented Rude and the Council with photographs to show the drainage issues on Rhoda and the cracks that are already beginning to form on the new concrete.

Rude believes that the concrete was poured too late in the season and was not correctly cared for during the drying process with colder temperatures. This has caused the cracking.

“When the temperature is below 40 degrees, you have to put a heated blanket over (the cement) for it to cure properly,” said Rude.

These issues were added to the list of things Larson Excavating Contractors Inc. must address before the council will release the $50,000 payment for the project.

The city approved Tri-City Paving’s bid for several paving projects in Swanville this summer. They will be paving the alley between the feed mill and businesses along the west side of Degraff.

Currently, the alley is in rough shape. City maintenance person Lonny Hutchins stated that the feed mill will be repaving around their facility so that the alley will be universal and free of potholes and cracks.

The Springbrook culvert will be repaired with a new 24-inch, steel culvert. Tri-City will be doing the pavement on Springbrook and will also patch the road behind the school where a water main broke. The bill to repair the school road will be sent to the school for repayment.

Tri-City will also do some work on Berkey Avenue to stop water flow issues.

Swanville City Council Briefs

Other business that came before the City Council included:

•Hearing from financial consultant firm Schlenner Wenner and Co. that the city’s park fund has been struggling every year. Mayor Sandy Peterson states that this is due to the cost of propane. The conversion to natural gas will help curb these costs;

•Learning that Little Falls resident Rebecca McCollough is interested in selling ice cream from her ice cream truck during the summer months in Swanville. The city does not have an ordinance against this, but the Council will be checking with the county to ensure she has all necessary public health and safety licenses beforehand;

•Tabling the firearm ordinance once again due to a question regarding the use of firecrackers within city limits. The council made a decision on archery within city limits allowing practice with blunt tip arrows and proper target backdrops;

•Approval to pay the Initiative Foundation fee of $600;

•Hearing that Mayor Sandy Peterson is seeking to change the size of her two lots so that she can refinance. The Council will be checking with the Planning and Zoning Board before giving approval; and

•Learning the Swanville Post Office is having a community meeting Tuesday, July 29, at 4 p.m. in the City Complex. This meeting will allow residents to ask questions and be information on the changes that the local office is seeking. A final decision will not be made until after the community meeting.

The next regularly scheduled Swanville City Council meeting is Tuesday, Aug. 5, at 7:30 p.m. in the City Complex.