St. Gabriel’s has until Monday to put together a plan to continue serving patients with Medicare

By Terry Lehrke, News Editor

While at the present, St. Gabriel’s Hospital can continue to care for Medicare and Medicaid patients, it was found to be out of compliance with Medicare Conditions of Participation, after a site visit by the Minnesota Department of Health.

The two areas the hospital was found to be out of compliance with were in surgical services and in participation of periodic evaluation and quality assurance.

The hospital has until Monday to provide a plan.

While specifics were not available, a spoksperson for the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) in Washington, D.C., said the hospital had provided a plan on how to make the corrections. However, “We found some things we need to address. They have until Monday to do so and then the 23-day termination track will continue.”

The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) referred the Record to the CMS. The CMS said the MDH was the liaison between the hospital and the CMS.

The spokesman said St. Gabriel’s Hospital was able to continue to serve patients on Medicare at this point.

While a public notice was necessary when the possibility existed that the hospital would have to stop providing care for Medicare patients, a public notice is not needed if the hospital supplies a plan that maintains its compliance.

“We are hoping to get their correction plan by Monday,” said the spokesperson. “That’s what needs to be in hand so we can take  the next steps. If the corrective action plan is found satisfactory, then they will continue to work with the Medicare program.”

“St. Gabriel’s Hospital will continue to work with MDH and CMS to maintain the hospital’s long-term commitment to ensuring a safe and quality environment for our patients,” said Lee Boyles, CHI St. Gabriel’s Health president.

At this time, health care operations at St. Gabriel’s Hospital remain uninterrupted. A full CMS survey is expected to take place within the next two weeks, said Boyles.

“St. Gabriel’s expects the results of the survey will confirm that it remains in compliance with all Conditions of Participation in the Medicare program and will continue to provide high-quality care to all of its patients,” said Boyles.