Motley City Council approves changes to Morey’s addition plans

By Tina SnellStaff Writer

The Motley City Council approved changes to the dimensions of two additions that were originally brought to the Planning and Zoning Committee from Morey’s Seafood International LLC in March.

In March, the Council approved a variance for the construction of two additions on the north side of Morey’s existing building toward East River Road. The variance was required due to the additions being closer to the road right-of-way than the required 50-foot minimum.

In the original request, the drawing showed the new engine room at 24 feet by 24 feet, the freezer room at 20 feet by 27 feet and the concrete pad in between at 12 feet by 13 feet.

The wording of the original application said the engine room would be 24 feet by 24 feet, the freezer room would be 24 feet by 27 feet and the concrete pad in between would be 13 feet by 18 feet.

The current drawing shows the engine room will be 24 feet by 26 feet (2 feet wider), the freezer room will be 24 feet by 38 feet (11 feet wider and 4 feet deeper) and the concrete pad will be 12 feet, 8 inches by 19 feet, 4 inches.

Planning and Zoning sought direction from the Council on whether the larger additions may be approved under the existing variance granted in March (the proposed additions will be closer than the minimum 50 feet required for setbacks) or if a new public hearing would be required.

There will be no public hearing for this issue.

The new dimensions would not bring the building any closer to the right-of-way than what was granted in March and it did not appear that the larger additions would impact the sight lines for vehicles entering or exiting East River Road.

Motley City Council Briefs

Other business conducted by the Motley City Council Tuesday night included:

•Authorizing the issuance of $406,000 general obligation water and sewer revenue refunding bonds at 2.4 percent interest with First State Bank of Grand Marais. The original bonds for $775,000 carried an interest rate of 4.51 percent. This will save the city approximately $25,000;

•Learning the concrete work for the floor slabs and walls at the wastewater treatment plant are completed. Top soil has been removed and stockpiled on site for reuse at the end of the project. Concrete work for reclaiming the tank walls and the building foundation, along with the underground piping is planned for the future;

•Voting to make the second payment of $220,968.10 to Di-Mar Construction Inc. for work on the wastewater treatment plant project;

•Authorizing the Motley Fire Department to hire three new firefighters contingent on their background checks. They are Sarah Swecker, Chuck Gerard and Isaiah Erbe;

•Approving the purchase of a new Liberty LED lightbar for the city’s tanker truck;

•Learning the Police Department has ordered a new Chevrolet Tahoe to be delivered in September;

•Hearing that Police Officer Jeff Jares resigned due to his full-time position at the Little Falls Police Department;

•Authorizing the police department to purchase a push bumper and cage for the new squad car as the old ones won’t fit;

•Voting to have the city’s maintenance department fix the sink hole in the street between city hall and the Dairy Queen at a cost of about $1,100;

•Learning it took six dumpsters to clean up an abandoned property in the city. Maintenance Supervisor Bruce Brotherton was asked to find someone who could pick up the steel frame from the trailer at no cost;

•Appointing Lorraine Macho, Lydia Goodwater, Terri Smith, Joseph Mrazek and Patsy Roberts as election judges and Deanna Thompson as the head judge;

•Voting to donate $400 to the Initiative Foundation in 2015;

•Approving the job description for a part-time deputy clerk to work at city hall for approximately 20 hours per week;

•Extending the Motley Two Rivers Music Fest’s beer license to 11:30 p.m.;

•Moving the Tuesday, Aug. 12 meeting to Wednesday, Aug. 13 due to the primary election;

•Moving the Tuesday, Nov. 11 meeting to Wednesday, Nov. 12 due to Veterans Day;

•Setting Thursday, July 31, at 6 p.m. for the public hearing on the Eldredge Street project; and

•Hearing Council members’ complaints on the number of poorly kept lawns in town, but also hearing that the downtown area is looking good with several businesses sprucing up their storefronts.