Donate to protect sheriff’s canines

To the Editor:

The article in last week’s Record states only one of the canines in the Sheriff’s Department has a protective vest.

It is important each dog has one. These canines do a very dangerous job and deserve no less than a deputy. Often he is first on the scene of an armed perpetrator.

Also, a vest is a good investment and much cheaper than replacing a dog.

Our community desperately needs a fund raiser for this cause; perhaps a brat and pop at Coborn’s, a booth at the Morrison County Fair or a raffle.

I dropped off a donation at the sheriff’s office for lack of a better avenue at this time. Hopefully, a vest can be obtained as soon as possible with the help of our community. — Maurine McKinley, Royalton 


  • Mitch Rapp

    I think this is a wonderful idea!

  • LF Taxpayer

    How about the dept purchase one out of their budget?

  • newpolitiq7

    Thank you so much for this letter. It’s too bad that we have to have the equivalent of a “bake sale” (donating money to the office) to take care of what should be a “given”. Let’s make sure all of these canine officers have the protection they need. Could the Sheriffs office tell us the most efficient path toward making all vests paid for, please? (e.g.: do we need to contact our legislators, our county board, our city? Or, should all combine together to pay? Thanks for responding.