Kresha is a leader for District 9B

To the Editor:

Good governance requires representatives who are willing to look closely at policy and make hard decisions. Rep. Ron Kresha is a thoughtful man who has proven that he is willing to weigh the fiscal consequences of policy decisions and look for the best solutions in a complex political environment.

Kresha is a proven leader for District 9B and has the fortitude to get results in the dysfunctional St. Paul environment. He also understands that our state government cannot overextend its budget. In a time when the national and state economies are recovering, it is imperative to make governments more efficient and prepare for future downturns. Kresha understands that we must make real progress on our road and bridges infrastructure.

Lastly, I have seen Kresha work tirelessly for more decisions to be made at the local level. He advocates for more local control to be given to our school boards, and he understands that federal and state bureaucrats don’t understand Morrison County education as well as the Morrison County residents.

I appreciate the hard work and integrity of Rep. Ron Kresha. That is why I am supporting him for re-election in the fall. — Channing Stowell, Little Falls 

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    You talk about this dysfunctional St Paul. Where was Kresha vote when these dysfunctional member gave rural Mn over 80 million for rural roads and bridges, funded all day kindergarten which saved thousand of local tax dolllars, gave, property tax. relief ,gave local government aid back to townships, gave increase funding for long term care providers and worker, also home care providers, and the list goes on just check his public voting record. Ron makes his money in a business that needs broadband then voted no again for funding for it.Then he talks about local control, but then demands what local government does.Who is realy dysfunctional? He like to talk but not support.