Larsen has what’s needed for sheriff

To the Editor:

I’ve known Shawn Larsen all his life and am impressed with the kind of man he is.

He was blessed to have outstanding role models in his parents, Denny and Sandy Larsen. From them he learned about hard work; honesty; love of God, family and country; respect for others; kindness; a sense of humor and right from wrong.

Shawn is a wonderful family man; has an enthusiastic, outgoing, open personality; does the job right; is professional in all respects; takes every job seriously and excels at them; has sincere, deep concern for youth; and is disciplined and organized. With that background, Shawn is well-rounded and qualified for the sheriff’s position.

Shawn has experience in virtually all aspects of the sheriff’s office. Because of his personality, character, experience and demonstrated abilities Shawn was promoted to patrol sergeant at the age of 31. As patrol sergeant, Shawn is the direct supervisor of all licensed deputies in Morrison County.

Knowing how to handle people that operate in high stress jobs, manage a budget and gain the respect from officers and community members throughout the county all put Shawn Larsen in a unique position to become our next sheriff. — Howard Larsen, Little Falls