Larsen is clear choice for sheriff

To the Editor:

This August, county voters will have a chance to vote for our new sheriff. Having worked at the sheriff’s office for years, retiring at the rank of sergeant, I feel well-positioned to judge who possesses the qualities of a good sheriff. Shawn Larsen is the clear choice.

While all the candidates are good men, none possess the vital combination of experience, integrity, leadership and compassion to the degree Shawn does. In addition, he is keenly aware of county taxpayers and will keep a tight grip on the operating budget.

Elections are about choices and before the voters make theirs, they should know what I’ve learned working for the last four Morrison County sheriffs.

Honesty, integrity and commitment aren’t just catch-words dusted off during a campaign. They are the foundation on which a successful administration is built. After working directly with Shawn, I can assure you his foundation is solid.

Voters may not get the inside view, as new county policies prevent employees from mentioning they work for the county while supporting a candidate. As a longtime member of the sheriff’s office, I can assure you Shawn is, without doubt, the best man for the job. — Leslie Dick, Little Falls