Put your faith in Tom Justin 

To the Editor:

I spent 33 years serving in the Olmsted County Sheriff’s Office in Rochester, serving as sheriff for over four terms. I was active in the Minnesota Sheriff’s Association and the National Sheriff Association. In recent years, serving as a consultant, I have had the opportunity to work closely with Tom Justin on the Minnesota ARMER radio system.

Tom Justin will be an outstanding sheriff in every aspect. Tom is an extremely hard worker, he is very intelligent and, most importantly, he has high standards of conduct and performance. He will model integrity in everything he does. He understands community leadership. He will be always available and approachable, always prepared to serve every citizen. He will be a “can-do” servant, always seeking solutions rather than excuses. He will be a thoughtful, articulate, values-based and decisive leader.

In my career I have had the unique opportunity to observe the best sheriffs. In my opinion, the voters of Morrison County can put their full faith and trust in Tom Justin. — Steve Borchardt, Olmsted County Sheriff, Rochester