CMCOA receives donation from Morrison County

By Tina SnellStaff Writer

After a presentation by Lori Vrolson, the executive director of Central MN Council on Aging (CMCOA), the Morrison County Commissioners voted to donate $2,534 to the council.

Through federal, state and individual funding, the CMCOA awards money to senior service providers that help seniors stay in their homes, whether a traditional house, an apartment or an assisted living facility.

The CMCOA, based in St. Cloud, works with 14 counties, adding Morrison in 2005.

“Federal funding has decreased 5 percent since sequestration in 2014 and it’s expected to be cut another 5 percent in 2015,” said Vrolson.

Through the Older Americans Act and state nutrition funds, the CMCOA contracts for home-delivered meals, grocery shopping services, transportation, caregiver support, chore help, legal services and health promotion and disease management for seniors.

Targeted are seniors who are frail or becoming so, who have high or moderate nutritional risk and those who are not eligible for medical assistance.

These services help curb the growing cost of health and nursing home care.

The qualifications to receive services from CMCOA include being at least 60 years old. The organization serves those in the greatest need. An in-home assessment by counties determine the eligibility.

The dollar amount asked for by Vrolson will enable the CMCOA to match funding received from the Federal Older Americans Act (OAA). In 2014, the CMCOA awarded $129,965 of federal OAA funding in Morrison County.

The $2,534 donation is based on the administrative operation of CMCOA in Morrison County by determining the number of seniors who are 60 or older.

Morrison County Commissioners’ Briefs

Other business conductied by the Morrison County Commissioners Tuesday included:

•Voting to allow Deb Gruber, county administrator, to maintain staff levels in the Social Services department since several resignations are pending;

•Licensing Taco Bell in Little Falls for a $451 fee;

•Hearing a report from Emily Wilmes, an extension educator in livestock production, on how her first year on the job has gone. She said she is learning her way around and determining the needs of local producers; and

•Approving an exempt permit to Roll With It for a raffle at Rice Creek Hunting Preserve Oct. 7.

The next Commissioners meeting will be held at the Morrison County Government Center Tuesday, July 29, beginning at 8:30 a.m. in the Commissioners’ board room.