County will benefit with Justin as sheriff

To the Editor:

Morrison County voters have an important decision to make this fall in determining who will be their next sheriff. It is clear Tom Justin is the right choice and the best choice for Morrison County sheriff.

As a multitalented law enforcement professional, Tom brings the professionalism, expertise, collaborative work style and common sense needed to be Morrison County’s next sheriff. Tom possesses the skills, knowledge and insight to make sure the sheriff’s office meets and exceeds Morrison County residents’ expectations.

I have worked with Tom on small and large events planning and implementing public safety and law enforcement, involving multi-jurisdictional agencies and departments. Tom is respected among his peers on a local, regional and statewide basis for his ability to accomplish the task at hand in an efficient, fair and well- planned manner.

Tom is known for his even handed, supportive and compassionate approach to his responsibilities and for going above and beyond the call of duty. He’s an outstanding law enforcement professional concerned with his community and call to service and to serve others. He is an excellent leader with much to bring to the sheriff’s office.

Morrison County residents will greatly benefit with Tom Justin as sheriff. — Tom Richardson, St. Paul