Kresha works for needs of this area

To the Editor:

House File 2408 in the Legislature this last year sought to increase reimbursement for immediate care facilities for persons with developmental disabilities. Rep. Kresha, a staunch supporter of these care facilities, signed onto this legislation as co-author and pledged his support. House File 2408 came up to vote March 19, March 20 and April 2.

HF2408 was authored by DFL Rep. Jerry Newton and was a bipartisan effort to make sure our most vulnerable and loved children and adults received the funding and care they need. I respect Kresha for setting aside politics to sign onto this bill and support it on the House floor.

As a rural area of Minnesota, it is important that our legislators recognize the needs of the area and the people. Kresha has proven time and time again that he supports independent bills that are focused on long-term care and the disabled. These residents need support, rather than being used as political pawns in large omnibus spending bills.

Thank you Rep. Kresha for working to fund these facilities and for setting aside politics. — Floyd Richmond, Little Falls

  • Federal

    I wish letter writers would start telling us the truth about Ron Kresha’s
    terrible voting record for this area.
    This letter tries to make it sound like Kresha voted for a 5% increase for
    our hard-working caretakers. HF 2408 didn’t even get a vote on the floor
    except for some partisan attempts to suspend the rules. Kresha voted for
    those attempts to suspend the rules, but he voted AGAINST the 5% increase.
    That increase came from HF 3172. Kresha voted NO on HF 3172.
    I agree it is important that our legislators recognize the needs of the area
    and the people. Ron Kresha didn’t do that. Not on this issue, not on
    education funding, not on rural broadband access, and many many more.
    If Kresha and his party are proud of his voting record, why are they trying
    to fool us about it?

  • newpolitiq7

    This letter could appear in Merriam Webster’s as the definition of obfuscation!! I think you know very well, Floyd, that support for an “independent bill” (in this case, H.F. 2408) did NOT get the job done, and isn’t that what constituents want? And, since the job didn’t get done because Rep. Kresha “couldn’t” bring himself to vote for H.F. 3172, is that really “putting politics aside”? Kresha made a choice: he voted “no”, so please don’t misrepresent it as anything else. In all fairness, maybe it’s too-tall an order to expect politicians to “put politics aside”. But Rep. Kresha was sent to St. Paul to represent the interests of all of his constituents, not to always acquiesce to the squeaky “drown gov’t in the bathtub” base of his party.