Put your faith in Rocheleau

To the Editor:

My choice for the next sheriff of Morrison County is Dan Rocheleau. Dan has 15 years in law enforcement, nine years as senior K-9 officer, a volunteer firefighter and a first responder. He is very involved in community, family and overall youth safety.

Dan is a man of honesty, integrity and has a great sense of fairness. He also has a special gift of listening to people when they talk to him.

Dan Rocheleau is a very versatile man, wearing many hats in his life as a deputy, a fireman, a  farmer, coach, dog trainer, father, husband and manages to handle all of it. He is grace under fire.

I have faith he will make a great sheriff and be readily available and accessible to help any and all citizens of Morrison County. Let’s vote for Dan Rocheleau, Aug. 12. — Michelle Herold, Pierz