Shawn Larsen is the leader we need

To the Editor:

As a fellow law enforcement officer, I have known Shawn Larsen since he became a deputy. It’s been a pleasure to see him come up through the ranks.

Shawn is among the most highly respected officers in Morrison County. He has demonstrated proficiency as a deputy, firearms instructor, CIRT team commander, and as a departmental supervisor.

Shawn has high standards and a base of strong values. It’s this foundation that guides good decisions. He has earned the trust of his supervisors, partners and the public, which permits him to work at a highly effective level.

I have witnessed Shawn supervise responses to routine calls and high risk critical incidents. He exhibits the ability to think through situations and implement a plan that provides the safest and most favorable resolution.

He has demonstrated that he will seek opinions and information from others to make educated decisions. His approachable demeanor creates an atmosphere of positive relationships within the community and with allied law enforcement agencies. Additionally, he is surrounded by strong family and faith support.

Law enforcement leaders that work hard and make fair decisions that are backed by strong values, best serve the public interest.

Shawn is that leader. — Dave ZumBerge, Little Falls