Sheriff’s Department needs overhaul

To the Editor:

As the candidates for sheriff of Morrison County share their campaign platforms, we are reminded of how important this role is.

Since the aftermath of the Byron Smith trial, let’s evaluate why we desperately need a change: 1) A home invasion occurred at Smith’s home Oct. 27, 2012, that totaled $42,000. No neighbors were questioned or notified of a crime of this magnitude. This was not the first home invasion to this property.

2) A deputy had that burglar in his patrol car the night before Thanksgiving just as he completed another home invasion.

Had this case been properly investigated, there would not have been a shooting on Thanksgiving. Many unusual items were taken from Smith that could have been traced through pawn shops or other investigative methods. Had that been done there would not be a man, who served his country in Vietnam and spent his life’s work protecting the USA, sitting in a prison cell with a life sentence.

It is most certainly time for a change, or even better, a complete overhaul. — Bill Anderson and John Lange, Little Falls 

  • robin hensel

    I couldn’t agree more!!!

  • LF Taxpayer

    What were they supposed to do the day before, polish up their crystal ball? You two have perfect hindsight? I dont see how you can throw this at the feet of the Sheriff’s Dept. Furthermore, wouldn’t it be Mr. Smith’s job to notify his neighbors that he was burglarized? At the end of all this you don’t identify who you support.

  • tmac

    And if Smith would have called 911 after the first shots were fired he would probably not be sitting the rest of his life in jail either.