Strack is best choice for sheriff

To the Editor:

It’s getting close to primary election time and we’ve seen and heard much about the Morrison County sheriff candidates.

I’d like to tell you about my nephew, Charles Strack. He has been with the Little Falls Police Department for 20 years, committed to keeping his community safe. He is the police chief in Randall, where he grew up and attended elementary school.

Chuck has worked diligently with his drug dog for the Little Falls and Central Minnesota Drug Task Force for many years and has seen what drugs can do in a community. These efforts need to continue to decrease the use and selling of drugs in our communities. Charles will do the job.

Charles and wife, Shayla, have four children. He’s been active in our community, schools, sports and coaching. He appreciates the concerns we as grandparents or parents have for our families’ safety.

Charles grew up in a big Catholic family and understands what it’s like for many families struggling to get by and will be financially responsible.

Please, take a good look at the candidates and decide which one most closely looks like yourself and has the qualifications for this important job.

Mark an “X” for Charles Strack for sheriff. — Harriet Turner, Little Falls