A witness to  Justin’s expertise

To the Editor:

As the former Benton County sheriff and captain with the Sauk Rapids Police Department, I have had the pleasure, and professional honor, of working closely with Tom Justin over the years.

In my law enforcement life, I have witnessed Tom coordinate efforts to combat crime both with a number of task forces, such as the drug task force and the gang strike force, and with the day-to-day efforts with state, county and local law enforcement agencies. Tom was always there to assist his fellow cops, whenever and wherever the need arose.

I have seen Tom lead the charge into harm’s way, not in a haphazard fashion, but with deliberate and well-planned resolve to help the citizen in need and to accomplish the goal with the least amount of harm possible. I have seen Tom move through the ranks of the St. Cloud Police Department to the supervisory position he now holds.

In my current position as a Benton County commissioner, I have reaped the benefits of Tom’s knowledge and expertise in the more technical aspects of our path-crossing careers.

I feel the citizens of Morrison County would be well served with Tom Justin as their chief law enforcement officer. — Jim McMahon, Sauk Rapids