Justin tops the list of role models

To the Editor:

I am writing this letter in support of Tom Justin, candidate for Morrison County Sheriff.

Tom is in his eighth year on the Royalton School Board. He served as board chairperson for the majority of his two four-year terms.

Several positive thoughts come to mind when I think about Tom’s leadership on the Royalton School Board. The ones I most admire and appreciate are his support and enthusiasm for all students’ learning and safety, high level of expectations for continuous improvements, critical thought and contributions to complex issues and oftentimes thinking “outside-the-box.”

Tom has brought to his leadership on the Royalton School Board ethics, professionalism and Central Minnesota values and beliefs. He is at the top of my list for role models that children in our school district can look up to and emulate for their own personal careers and community citizenship.

I believe all sheriff candidates would serve us well. The separating factor for me and reason for endorsing Tom is my firsthand knowledge of his ability to lead continuous improvements for a public organization.

Tom will progress the Morrison County Sheriff’s Department into one of the finest in our state. — Dr. Jon Ellerbusch, Royalton