Rocheleau will be an asset as sheriff

To the Editor:

As a Morrison County citizen I am compelled to express my view of why Dan Rocheleau is the best candidate to become the next sheriff. Dan has been a dedicated K-9 officer for nine years. When his K-9 dog Brix died prematurely, he believed having another K-9 was invaluable to serve and protect the residents of Morrison County. With Dan’s commitment to excellence, he worked diligently to personally train his new K-9 dog Benny.

Not only is he committed to his profession, he is loyal and compassionate to those around him. My son, Darvin, had a desire to make the pork industry his living. Dan was overwhelmingly generous to share his knowledge and expertise regarding what he had learned over the years being a pork farmer. Dan’s guidance and expertise was instrumental in assisting Darvin to reach his goals.

As a sheriff, Dan’s integrity, dedication, commitment and willingness to serve others will be an asset to the residents of Morrison County.

Please vote with me Aug. 12, for Dan Rocheleau. — Laurie Saehr, Pierz