Al Doty represented seniors well 

To the Editor:

Al Doty isn’t the kind to brag about his accomplishments, so I’d like to list some of the good things Al did for senior citizens during his two terms as state representative.

Al Doty served as senior advocate from 2001 – 2006. He brought seniors information and helped solve seniors’ problems. Al was one of the few that could explain Medicare Part D when it started.

You maybe don’t know that as representative, Al Doty kept working hard for seniors. He wrote bills to provide property tax relief for our nursing homes, to increase nursing home payment rates in our area, to make licensing of personal care attendants simpler and another to make the senior citizen’s property tax deferral program better.

Al also participated in the World War II Memorial and wrote several bills to benefit our veterans and their families, Camp Ripley, the Platte River Watershed and Pine Grove Zoo.

Thanks, Al, for working and voting for us. Al Doty was there for us when we needed him. Let’s support Al Doty for state representative. — LaVerne Hempeck, Little Falls