Errors about mayor need to be corrected 

To the Editor:

There are several errors I’d like to address in a letter to the editor in the Aug. 3 issue.

The Little Falls City Council is not led by Mayor VanRisseghem. Don Klinker, the Council chair, leads the Council as deemed by the City Charter. The mayor has only one vote.

The current bonded indebtedness for the city of Little Falls, according to the 2013 audit, is just over $21 million, (not $24.697 million) a decrease of over $11 million since Mayor Cathy VanRisseghem took office.

Mayor VanRisseghem has stated many times that she is committed to getting the splash pad built with community support and not taxpayers’ money, and she will.

The Council has proven that it is a high priority to pay down debt before they incur more debt. The proposed 0.5 percent tax will not incur more debt. It will be revenue from voluntary sales.

The mayor and council have also kept the police and fire departments high on their priority list, as well as infrastructure, water and sewer. None of this will be threatened by the tax.

Many towns throughout Minnesota enjoy wonderful amenities because they’ve agreed to this tax. It’s time the citizens of Little Falls invest in their community. — Jayme Solem, Little Falls

  • Concerned citizen

    And then we click our heals together three times! Spin around once! And we all wake up in fairy tale land!!
    “Revenue From Voluntary Sales”? Thats a new phrase for sugar coating a tax hike!
    Okay! Well I volunratily have decided to do my shopping elsewhere to avoid the voluntary tax increase opposed on me!!

    • tmac

      Of course it is your choice to shop elsewhere, but with the price of gas will you really be money ahead?
      I think you will have to drive quite a distance because I believe both Brainerd/Baxter area and St. Cloud have a local sales tax as well.

  • J. Uchiha

    Many people will decide to shop elsewhere. It will hurt a lot of businesses. My family won’t pay this tax. Downsize this grand plan. We have so many ball parks and parks in this town. Lets focus on what we really need and make it attainable! If smaller towns can get it done with donations and fundraising(Royalton), we should be able to also. We should be allowed to invest in our community of our own free will!