Justin is candidate to bring change 

To the Editor:

As the sheriff’s candidates express their desire to decrease crime by “starting with our youth,” let’s evaluate “youth” crime in Morrison County.

After a guilty verdict was announced for Byron Smith, Hands of Hope representatives immediately handed the judge an order for restitution demanding that Byron Smith pay for funeral costs and grave stones for youths that broke into his house. In fact, court records indicate that one of those youth criminals had previously stolen from Smith twice. The gold coins stolen previously would alone pay for the grave stones. Also, after that verdict, prosecutors and law enforcement applauded and celebrated with the families of youth criminals by smiling, shaking hands and hugging.

What message does this behavior send to our youth? Evidently the message is a celebration for breaking into one’s home because this county will make sure the homeowner goes to prison and all can continue to steal because homeowners have no rights to defend themselves.

“Youths” were involved in committing crimes on the Smith property and at the Johnson residence. This county desperately needs a change.

Tom Justin is the candidate for change. Please vote for Tom Justin. — Georgia Anderson and Kathy Lange, Little Falls