Justin offers a fresh outlook 

To the Editor:

During my career I had the opportunity to work with and alongside many fine police officers. Tom Justin was one of those I remember well. He started only a few years after I did, and I had the opportunity to interact with and observe him for a good number of years. Tom was always very professional and never controversial. He did his job and did it well.

During his time with the St. Cloud Police Department, he has excelled in his job. He has not only been promoted several times, but has gone above and beyond being just another police officer. Tom has involved himself in many extra law enforcement activities, not because he had to, but because he wanted to extend his efforts to protect and serve.

Recently, I conversed with Tom and found his perspective on serving Morrison County to be inclusive of some of the needs lacking in the county at this time. My experience with Tom yields me to believe him to be the superior candidate for sheriff and that he would be a fresh face with beneficial, new ideas for Morrison County. I wouldn’t hesitate to consider Tom for sheriff, and I feel the county would be best served utilizing his experience, talents and expertise. —Larry Beckner, Motley