Justin’s vision will benefit us all 

To the Editor:

Tom Justin has the experience we need for Morrison County sheriff. For almost 30 years he has dedicated his life to professional law enforcement. Much of that time has been at command level where he has managed personnel, budgets, resources and interaction with the public and other public safety agencies to provide highly effective and service oriented public safety services.

Tom understands the need for effective communication and cooperation between all public safety providers to ensure Morrison County has world class yet affordable public safety. His vision includes all of Morrison County.

I am sure he will bring welcome changes to the sheriff’s office and be able to draw on a lifetime of professional experience to implement world class service for our entire county.

I’m voting for Tom Justin and ask all of the readers of the Record to join me and vote in the primary election for Tom Justin for Morrison County Sheriff on Aug. 12. His vision and experience will benefit us all. — Al Barthel, Little Falls