Kresha voted against ag finance bill

To the Editor:

Ron Kresha voted against funding for rural broadband access and voted against funding all-day kindergarten. Ron Kresha voted against $50 million for local roads and bridges.

Ron Kresha also voted against the ag finance bill (HF 976) — probably the first time ever a representative from here voted against an ag finance bill. What’s in the bill? Money to continue the dairy development and dairy business planning grant programs and funding for the Minnesota Livestock Breeders Association. Money to conduct our county fairs; money for food banks to purchase Minnesota milk for distribution through food shelves and money to eliminate barriers to greater use of biofuel blends in Minnesota.

Rep. Kresha’s excuses for voting against things we need so badly here is usually there were other things in the bills he didn’t like. Does Rep. Kresha naively expect other legislators to write bills just for him on every issue? It doesn’t work like that.

Ron Kresha says he supports our causes and works for us, but he voted “No” on the money needed to accomplish those things.

You know that old expression “put your money where your mouth is?” Ron Kresha didn’t do that. — Alan Olson, Randall