Larsen will continue positive change

To the Editor:

Being a business owner for the past 14 years, I know how important good leadership and management skills are to run a successful business. As we look to elect our new sheriff this fall, I ask you to look closely at the credentials of all the candidates.

This person will need to have the skills necessary to run our county, a large business with over a $5 million budget. I believe that Shawn Larsen is that person.

Shawn has 15 years with the Morrison County Sheriff’s Office with the past eight of those years as patrol sergeant. As the senior sergeant, Shawn is next in command behind Michel Wetzel and Tom Ploof, both of whom will be retiring this year.

He has a bachelor’s degree from Bemidji State and previous military experience. Some of Shawn’s administrative duties already include budgeting and training with the office.

The Morrison County Sheriff’s Office has seen many positive changes over the past years. Shawn Larsen will continue to improve on these and will implement more positive changes to make our county a safer place to live and work. Please vote Shawn Larsen as our next sheriff on Tuesday, Aug. 12. — Carol Peterschick, Little Falls