Little Falls Police Department

July 16 — Someone ripped signs off a trailer at a residence on First Street Southeast.

July 17 — Someone stole golf clubs from an unlocked garage on Riverwood Drive.

July 17 — A business on Sixth Street Northeast reported someone had thrown rocks at the outside window, breaking it.

July 18 — A hit and run vehicle accident on First Street Northeast was reported. The vehicle was damaged on the right front bumper.

July 21 — A resident on Fourth Avenue Southwest reported the theft of a video game console.

July 21 — A resident on Fourth Avenue Northeast reported a theft.

July 23 — Someone damaged a vehicle while it was parked overnight in a parking lot on Second Street and First Avenue Southeast.

July 25 — A resident on Eighth Street Northeast reported a scam wherein the resident had received a phone call and the caller ID showed a local business’s name, but the phone number was one digit off. The resident called the business and was told no one had called the resident from the business. The resident said when they answered the phone it sounded like an automated voice giving the resident prompts. The resident did not give out any confidential information.

July 25 — A resident on Seventh Street Southwest reported someone had picked up their prescription without their permission.

July 26 — Someone stole solar lights from the front of a residence on Lindbergh Drive Northwest.

July 26 — Someone stole an electric guitar from a residence on Second Street Northeast.

July 27 — Someone vandalized a garage on Florence Avenue by spray painting it and also threw eggs at the house.

July 27 — A resident on Fourth Street Southeast reported damage done to their property.

July 29 — Someone poured chocolate syrup on a car and threw eggs at it while it was parked in front of the owner’s residence on Florence Avenue.

July 30 — Someone broke branches from a birch tree and stripped bark from the tree at Le Bourget Park.

July 30 — Someone stole an American flag from a residence on First Street Southeast.

July 30 — Someone entered a detached garage through an unlocked service door at a residence on Fourth Street Northeast and stole a red plastic five-gallon gas can filled with gas. Value estimated at $30.

July 30 — A resident on Edgewood Drive in Little Falls reported numerous unauthorized bank and credit card transactions on numerous accounts.

July 31 — Someone spray-painted vulgar words on stones near the river on property at the Linden Hill Conference Center.

July 31 — A  resident on Lindbergh Drive Northwest reported scam calls with local phone numbers showing on the caller identification.

Aug. 3 — Someone broke out the driver’s side window of a vehicle while it was parked in Little Falls City Lot D.

Aug.  3 — Someone broke the handle off a screen door on a residence on Second Street Southeast.