Loud Military Training at Camp Ripley, Aug. 7 – 10

militaryArtillery units from the Minnesota and South Dakota Army National Guard will be conducting qualification training on large caliber weapons at Camp Ripley Aug 7-10.

The community may see vapor trails from various rockets and hear loud concussions as the rounds impact in the training area.

“We apologies for any inconvenience the loud training my cause, and ensure you that only necessary iterations of firing are being conducted,” said Maj. Steven Hall, Camp Ripley range Control Officer.

Multiple launch rocket system (MLRS) will fire Battery (8 launchers) on the 10th. They will be firing 60 rockets that day. Also, on the 7th the 1-151 Field Artillery will be shooting Rocket Assisted projectiles from the very north tip of post to Hendrickson Impact in the south.

  • robin hensel

    Come on community….do any of you really believe all of this explosive firing is NOT creating HUGE LONG TERM HEALTH CONSEQUENCES for Littlesfallsians???? Really¿¿¿¿¿

    • josh

      Robin I live 4 miles from Camp Ripley, I can barely hear anything they fire. I have trusted friends that work at CR and I am sure if they were doing something that cause huge health affects they would know. Living in a prison of fear is different than being the town crier. I don’t know if you know or what you drink but diet pop, artificial sweeteners, sweets, and deer ticks are a greater risk to your health than CR is. Unless of course you can come up with concrete proof they are causing us health hazards as they have a healthy deer, turkey, wolf, sand hill crane, the threatened blanding turtle with the walls of the camp. If it was as toxic as you say it is I believe we would see the affects of whatever could harm them in a decrease in animal populations and plant communities. As well as many troops within the walls suffering illnesses.

  • lfc

    Robin this has been going on for years and years and years…it comes with deciding to live in a communty that has a military base near by. If we were as concerened as you are apparently, we would have chosen to live out in the middle of no where.

  • my veiw

    Robin, I don’t know how long you have been in little falls and I don’t know why you have a problem with camp ripley. but know this that base has been here as long as this town.Plus it houses the bravest and greatest. I lived a lot closer to camp then here in LF and I thought it wasn’t bad then but if you don’t like it you have a right to move. If not then do us all a favor and deal with it! This is the fact of living by the millitry base

  • central mn

    Maybe Robin could go around town with the LFPD and “remove” all of the “ILLEGAL” signs and donate the to camp for target practice…..???

    • robin hensel

      Better yet…insist your new zoning administrator that you and i are paying 4K plus every month do HIS JOB and require ALL ILLEGAL SIGNS BE REMOVED or owners apply for a permit. In other words….insist city paid staff do their jobs effectively. That makes sense. This is still a problem as in the past when NUMEROUS SIGN ENFORCERS didnt perform their job right. Ben oleson should be full time so he had adequate time to do his job right. We desperately need a full time city administrator also. Anything less is SHORTCHANGING THE CITIZENRY.