Might doesn’t make right

By Will Hecht, Guest Columnist

The editorial comment “History tells us that might eventually makes right” (Morrison County Record, July 27) is disconcerting for this reader. As stated, such specious generalizations ignore the thoughtfulness needed for such a serious subject: What or whose “history”? What is “democracy’s gains”? What “rule of law”? What “consequences”?

The opinion is empty of hope and offers only that killing people is an acceptable means of resolving differences — “eventually;” killing in fact is the go-to means for geo-political conflict resolution; and then the violence of such behavior is sugar-coated by using the flippant statement, “might will make right.” What inspiration is needed to have the courage to quit? Is this moral vacuousness what we want our children to inherit — our grandchildren?

Sadly, such reasoning seems all too prevalent in our predominantly Christian society. So, I ask: “Where in the New Testament does the nonviolent, unconditional love and compassion of Jesus Christ reflect the Old Testament’s violent retributive justice, the ‘might will make right’ of the editorial comment?”

I recall being taught that the new is intended to change the old; and no teacher of mine ever said it would be easy. What defect of character allows for Sunday’s display of loving compassion and obeisance in front of the crucified Christ while during other hours of the week giving expression to viewpoints that reflect an unjustly simplistic interpretation of world history (socio-economic conditions, political ideology and movements, religious belief systems, etc …), of ignoring bigotry in any of its social manifestations?

Can nearly 7,000 dead and over 50,000 wounded Americans in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, at a cost of $4 to $6 trillion (and counting), be thought of as “might will make right”? Vietnam? Korea? The two world wars? 9/11? Columbine? Where does it begin and end? As a volunteer in the U.S. military (1969-71) and the U.S. Peace Corps (1984-86) I have no misconception which method of diplomacy has a more enduring, vital vision for world peace.

I believe there is a sickness in our country when increasingly it is acceptable to argue it will benefit society by reducing or eliminating government assistance programs for education, housing, medical care, nutrition, etc.; for equitable health care, for a living minimum wage; yet, without question, support funding the military-industrial complex prescription for the same old snake oil: “might will make right.”

I do not appreciate this ethical lethargy and ask the editorial writer and this paper’s readers to imagine a world without “might will make right,” and find ways to work for it. Peace work is real work; it is working for “human decency” and “civilized behavior.” What would Jesus do?


Will Hecht is a resident of Little Falls.

  • robin hensel

    Oh Will….you are so right!!!! I like to use the term that one of my sign holds “who would Jesus bomb?” …..answer NO ONE !!!! Christ paid the ultimate price for his “peace activism!!!! If all so called Christians lived up to his example, we would not have a nation built on capitalism and worshipping and supporting the military industrial complex. We would have NEVER AGGRESSED ON ONE SINGLE NATION, if our nation were truly led by elected officials that truly represented these so called Christians. I have become ashamed of the Church, my country and the entire “warring culture/mindset” that has so permeated Little Falls, Morrison County and beyond. Wake up community….wake up Little Falls…..wake up Church….wake up world. We can and MUST DO BETTER BEFORE WE annihilate the PLANET. I am looking very forward to meeting you

    • josh

      You blame only capitalism for wars? Surely you know socialism, communism, fascism have all started wars. Each political “ism” will have wars. Hitler was in the national Socialist party. It is not the “ism” that starts the wars it is those in power that start it. I don’t agree with war but I also realize that war at times is necessary. What would we be like today if Germany would have won? We would live in a world of Eugenics where they would kill those not good enough or fit enough (Margaret Sanger founder of Planned parenthood and Charles Lindbergh were also in the eugenics movement}. In the Old Testament God helped Israel his chosen people in wars if they were being attacked and if they kept him first. Now Israel is still God’s chosen today as God never breaks a promise, Israel has been in a war along time with Palestinians trying to steal Israel’s land. Israel gave them Gaza and now they are being attacked from the Palestinians from the land Israel gave them! Is this a war that Israel should not be fighting? Should they keep there heads in the sand? But yet so called Christians here in this town and the USA blame Israel for defending them against a nation that doesn’t want peace but a takeover of the Jewish people’s land.
      It will be Jesus leading the believers against the enemies of God in Armegeddon it will be a huge war and it is already won. We as a nation need to be on the right side and as a society get back to Godly morals and ask for forgiveness of what we have become as a nation and what we have allowed as a country. We murder over 1 million babies a year, we have encouraged homosexual unions, and we keep delving further into immoral laws just to name a few. And yet we wonder where God is when it is we who have pushed him out of our government. We will only have peace if we as a nation turn back to God, because we don’t war with flesh and blood but against evil principalities. And as long as there is sin in the world and people choosing to give there lives over to it we wont have peace, I do however pray for God’s will for this country and this cities.

      • robin hensel

        Josh…..it makes no difference who LOBS THE BOMBS. WAR IS NEVER THE ANSWER. Faith in Christ hinges on this principle. Old testament law is where ALOT OF OUR WORLD PROBLEMS STEM FROM AND the other problems ALL center around SELFISHNESS/Greed/and far RIGHT (wrong) political ZEALOTS IN EVERY RELIGION. If our spirituality doesn’t lead us towards PEACE and equal/fair/treatment of EVERYONE….CHUCK THE RELIGION. I will keep promoting peace. What have you personally done to help even ONE CHILD that needs a forever home. Passionate people should put their money and time where there mouth is.

        • josh

          I still can’t believe though that you call yourself a town crier and the bringer of all truth and you still don’t know that it isn’t the “right” who brings wars. Have you looked pasts Hitler? Stalin? Barack Obama? Bill Clinton?
          Thank you for admitting that you are a “Christian” when it comes to what you want believe in. As if you understood the OT you would understand the love and patience as well as consequences of being disobedient. But you obviously do not. I pray you learn as God gave us the whole Bible to read and believe not just the parts you want to. I only judge this by what you say.
          You have no clue who I help or who I don’t, please don’t assume as I don’t assume anything about you, and have only debated on things you have admittedly said in your posts.
          Greed and selfishness is not a political party you can believe that it is but it still doesn’t make it true.
          Mr. HerbDavis–it can go both ways but I prefer you be able to have the freedom of not having to be branded. Seems you have little respect for others views unless they match with your own.

      • herbdavis

        You don’t have to be an ignorant fool to believe in a mythical creature. Some true believers are pretty confused and we welcome their comments in the MC Record. It would help if they all had a new locally produced tattoo of a Celtic cross on their necks. Good for the local economy and helpful to those of us that would like to be able to see them coming.

      • coleenrowley

        Are you aware, Josh, of the history of Israelis attacking the USS Liberty American ship in an attempt to sink the ship and kill the entire crew but which only killed and wounded a majority of its crew during Israel’s 6 day war in 1967? If you’re not aware of that incident, you may want to read this: http://consortiumnews.com/2014/08/17/a-uss-libertys-heros-passing/

        • josh

          Yes- There are a few beliefs that President Johnson wanted the attack so It could blame the Egyptians for it at the time. Other theories are it was an accident, but I am not sure of either of those. Why would Israel attack an ally who knows. But regardless of the facts of that incident that has nothing to do with current events. Israel is not the criminal when it comes to the Palestinians, the Palestinians are run by a terrorist organization and lob bombs left and right at Israel. Israel should have the right to defend herself.

  • robin hensel

    As my large sign on the side of my van said on the day of my ILLEGAL ARREST AT CITY HALL….”PEACE IS EVERY CITY’S BUSINESS”. nuf said.

  • Concerned citizen

    Wow! A finer editorial has never been written!! Intelligent, experienced, nice read! Thank You!!

  • newpolitiq7

    Thank you for taking the time to respond, Mr. Hecht. I’m a little surprised that members of the local ministerial community haven’t responded.

    • robin hensel

      They aren’t that “Christian” !!!!

  • ollie

    @Josh- Where do you get the idea that Israel has a right to land that they have not inhabited for at least 1500 years?