Vote for experience, Jim Abeler

To the Editor:

Minnesota’s U.S. Senate seat is up for grabs. Rather than elect another unproven candidate and hope for the best, we must choose a candidate with experience, ability and a desire to work with others to solve problems.

The most qualified candidate is 16-year state Rep. Jim Abeler. His uniquely calm and collaborative leadership style sets him apart from his competitors and has prepared him to lead in Washington.

As a state representative, Abeler earned a reputation for working across the aisle. He was responsible for reforming health care and disability programs in ways that improved services at lower cost. His hard work produced the largest tax and spending cuts in Minnesota history and was accomplished in a heavily divided St. Paul. Even our DFL governor applauded his work.

Using his creator, conscience and constituents as voting guides, Abeler’s success in Minnesota is a promising indication the same can be achieved on a larger scale in Washington. America desperately needs principled leadership.

Going to Washington without political experience would be like joining the NFL without having touched a football. Join me in voting for experience and collaboration. Vote Jim Abeler for U.S. Senate in the GOP primary, Aug. 12. — Abigail Nagy, Upsala