Wenzel supported raising taxes 

To the Editor:

In regard to Steve Wenzel’s July 31 letter, and the proposed 0.5 percent sales and use tax, I would like to remind voters that during Wenzel’s time in office, he led the charge on the Little Falls lodging tax and authored, introduced and carried the city food and beverage tax. I’m sure he believed it was in the best interest for economic growth.

The proposed 0.5 percent sales and use tax is also in the best interest for economic growth. St. Cloud, Brainerd, Alexandria, Duluth and many other cities have the same tax. When we shop in these cities, we are paying for their amenities. If the Little Falls Area Recreational Complex is built, it will bring visitors to our community.

This proposed 0.5 percent tax will not incur more debt. It will be revenue from sales. If my family spends $100 a week in Little Falls, we would only be paying 50 cents a week to have a beautiful recreational complex for our family. It costs me much more to drive to St. Cloud.

I believe this proposal, if voted in by the citizens of Little Falls in November, will attract and retain families, business and professionals to the area. — Gabrielle Meyer, Little Falls

  • Rick Witte

    Being the political creature he is/was, it seems quite evident that Mr. Wenzel considers tax proposals he supports as certainly responsible, but others not so. In reality a tax is a tax, but it seems Mr. Wenzel is not capable of making up his mind as to what is a responsible tax.