Commissioners to look at environmental health fees

By Tina SnellStaff Writer

Morrison County Social Services Director Brad Vold  asked the county commissioners to review the fees charged by the county for environmental health licenses, inspections and more.

Vold, along with County Administrator Deb Gruber, also spoke about aligning the fees with what Todd County charges and possibly matching the state fees, too.

In some cases, Morrison County’s fees are more than what both the Minnesota Department of Health and Todd County charge. In other cases, less.

Working in conjunction with Todd County could ensure that environmental health’s fees were supported by those needing licenses and not taxpayer funded.

“It costs the county approximately $55,000 to fund environmental health,” said Vold. “By aligning with Todd, fees would not decrease, but may increase.”

He said that the fees charged barely cover the cost of training and county licensing. The taxpayers take up the slack, Vold said.

County Commissioner Jeff Jelinski said that Morrison County did need to be in line with Todd County.

This issue will be voted on at a future commissioner’s meeting, after more information is received.

Morrison County Commissioner Briefs

Business discussed by the Morrison County Commissioners Tuesday included:

•Learning a supervisor in the Social Services Department is retiring and that Director Brad Vold will be hiring a replacement at grade 24, between step 1 – 6, depending on experience;

•Having no problem with social services rehiring a past employee at step nine. County Administrator Deb Gruber said that it was a valid request because she had been an excellent employee, a top performer and there would be no training necessary;

•Hearing that aquatic invasive species training and assignments may be split between Planning and Zoning and Morrison County Soil and Water. No plan has been put into place on whether the focus will be on education or eradication, but the county has $60,000 to use in the program; and

•Learning the commissioners will vote on conditions to MudFest’s licensing, items not previously discussed when the license was originally issued.

The next regular County Commissioner’s meeting will be held at the Morrison County Government Center Tuesday, Aug. 19, beginning at 9 a.m.