Kresha voted against rural transportation

To the Editor:

Ron Kresha posted a question Aug. 9 on Facebook, “I wonder why the Legislature put $89.9 million into a new Senate office building instead of our rural transportation?” It wasn’t.Instead they funded both without Ron Kresha.

Ron Kresha voted against the Senate office building, and he voted against $50 million for our local roads and bridges.

I don’t understand Kresha’s vote against funding local roads and bridges. Does Kresha want our property taxes to increase drastically from paying for local roads without any state aid? Doesn’t he know people from all over the state use our roads, so they should share in paying for them? Did Ron Kresha vote “no” because he thinks we don’t need rural roads and bridges?

Governor Pawlenty refused for eight years to spend money to fix roads and bridges. We can’t fix potholes today because we’re still wasting money paying the interest on money Pawlenty borrowed, not because of the Senate Office Building like Kresha pretends.

Pawlenty did the wrong thing and Ron Kresha did the wrong thing when he voted against $50 million of state funding for local roads and bridges. Democrats passed it, without borrowing and without Ron Kresha. — Wayne Hansmann, Little Falls

  • robin hensel

    Well stated Wayne. Anyone who would vote against the preservation and NECESSARY UPGRADES to historic buildings really can’t claim an interest in historic preservation. Ron$ business “Golden Shovel” hinges on economic development grants/loans and he advises clients to utilize this BIG government subsidy $$$.

  • robin hensel

    Kresha you’re NO Oberstar!!!!!

  • josh

    Government subsidy Robin? The Democrats raise taxes and steal more money out of tax payers pockets and then have the audacity to say they balanced the budget. Pathetic! When will get a true fiscal politician that balances budget by cutting wasteful spending, reforming welfare, making this state a business friendly state a not a tax heaven. It is like stealing money from my neighbor and then telling my wife I was fiscally responsible and paid off my debt. I sure as heck hope Kresha is no Oberstar, I would then want kresha out in a hurry. Kresha isn’t perfect by any means but he is more trust worthy than Doty.

    • Rick Witte

      Josh nice partisan rhetoric, but reality suggests that the Republicans are just as guilty. All during the years of the Pawlenty Adminstration how much did he actually cut rather than shift funds around. Merely delaying payments to balance the budget is a gimmick rather than sound fiscal policy. Pawlenty ran the government for eight years so tell me how much “wasteful spending did he actually cut?

      As for a business friendly State one need only look to Wisconson to see that we are doing quite well compared to them.

      Since fee increases are not really taxes in Pawlenty World I guess my pockets are not really being picked as you suggest with the case of taxes.

      • josh

        I am referring to current Democrat leadership. I do not agree with shifting the money around unless it is responsible shifting. Sound fiscal policy in my eyes is to follow constitutional sound spending. We need only to fund as much government as necessary to run and is actually needed in the state. There is way to much wasted money going to government and its affiliations. There are plenty ways of cutting and keeping taxes low. Such as make welfare a voucher system like WIC. That would save a huge amount. Get rid of departments that are not efficient and not needed.