New water treatment plant in Motley right on schedule

By Tina SnellStaff Writer

Brian Guldan, representing Bolton & Menk Inc., the consulting engineers for the water treatment plant in Motley, told the City Council Tuesday night the construction of the city’s water treatment plant was right on schedule.

“Since the last Council meeting, the contractor has completed the concrete work for the reclaim tank walls and the building foundation.  Below-grade piping was brought in for raw water, back wash and reclaim return water before the footings were poured,” said Guldan in a report to the Council.

In the next month, the report said the mason will be laying block for the interior foundation walls along with the brick veneer support around the clearwell. When the interior foundation walls are in, the contractor will backfill the building so work on the filter slab may begin.

“The contractor will also work on installing shoring, a temporary floor to support the poured concrete slab. When the concrete has cured, the shoring will be removed,” said Guldan.

The Council voted to make the third payment of $259,987.36 to Di-Mar Construction, Excelsior, for work completed.