Randall votes to advertise for full-time city manager

By Tina SnellStaff Writer

The Randall City Council voted Thursday to advertise for a full-time city manager to take the place of Jerry Peterschick, who is retiring. The position would remain status quo with one person managing both the city and the municipal liquor store and bar.

The meeting began Wednesday morning to discuss whether to advertise for a full-time or a part-time position. At that time, the Council was split 3-2 in favor of hiring a part-time city manager, with Council Members Jerry Adamski and Dan Noss wanting a full-time manager. Another person would be hired to manage the liquor store and bar.

Attending Wednesday’s meeting was Howard Kazeck, Lyle Nelson and Gary Gannon, all former mayors of Randall. Also present were residents Tom Jacobson, Jim Chandler, Annie Adamski and Mike Hubner. Each was in favor of a full-time city manager.

Kazeck said he had spoken with the city’s businesses and had learned all were in favor of a full-time position.

“The city manager needs to be available 24/7 and a part-time person would not be around to answer questions when needed,” said Noss.

Noss said the Council thought 40 percent of the city manager’s time was spent doing work for the bar and liquor store. The consensus was that if a bar manager was hired, the city wouldn’t need a full-time city manager.

Kazeck said that he felt the 40 percent estimate was high.

“There are five businesses run by the city,” said Gannon. “The electric, gas, water and sewer, liquor store and the city itself. Randall cannot be compared to other similar-sized towns (who don’t have those enterprises).”

Gannon said a part-time manager would need to get another job to make ends meet and wouldn’t be available when needed.

“I don’t think the city would save much money by hiring a full-time liquor store manager and a part-time city manager,” he said.

Kazeck said that Randall’s employees (Jodi Lausen and Mike Hubner) are fairly new and maintenance supervisor Wendell Schultz will be retiring in a year or so. He felt a full-time manager is necessary.