Larsen and Rocheleau to vie for sheriff; Morrison County votes much like rest of state in statewide contests

Voters decided in the primary election Aug. 12 who they wanted to see on the General Election ballot, Nov. 4.

In Morrison County, Shawn Larsen and Dan Rocheleau emerged as winners out of four contenders for sheriff. Larsen received 55.53 percent of the vote with 4,058 and Rocheleau 20.88 percent with 1,526 votes. Charles Strack received 752 votes (10.29 percent) and Tom Justin 972 votes (13.30 percent).

In the Morrison County Auditor/Treasurer race, Debora L. Lowe and Tammy Giuliani were chosen to be on the November ballot with 2,567 and 2,311 votes, respectively. Ashley Storck received 1,224 votes.

Mike Wilson and Jim Andres will vie for the District 4 commissioner seat, receiving 746 and 488 votes, respectively. Ron Rinkel received 325 votes.

In the 7th District Court (Judge 27), incumbent Steve J. Cahill received 40.36 percent of the vote with 13,626 and Kenneth J. Kohler came up with 8,367 votes. The other two contenders, Cheryl R. Duysen and Terry Graff received 7,499 and 4,357 votes, respectively, mirroring the percentages in Morrison County.

On the federal level, voters chose Republican Mike McFadden with 71.73 percent of the vote (129,681) to run against DFL incumbent Al Franken. Franken beat out his competitor with 94.50 percent of the vote (182,778). Morrison County voters agreed with the rest of the state, with McFadden receiving 61.63 percent of the vote (2,119) and Franken 87.54 percent (2,444).

Minnesotans chose Republican gubernatorial candidate Jeff Johnson and his running mate Bill Kuisle (55,917 votes – 30.35 percent) to run against incumbent Mark Dayton and Tina Smith, who won against their competitors by a 92.99 percent margin (177,904). In Morrison County, Johnson and his running mate were third behind Kurt Zellers and Dean Simpson (957) and Marty Seifet and Pam Myhra (1,203 votes – 34.66 percent). Dayton was also the favorite Democrat in Morrison County with 80.75 percent of the vote (2,189).

Dan Severson, the lone Republican candidate for Secretary of State received 152,863 votes across the state and 2,957 in Morrison County. He will run against Democrat Steve Simon, who received 42.67 percent of the vote statewide (65,653). In Morrison County, Democrat Gregg A. Iverson was the favorite with 897 votes (39.53 percent).

Randy Gilbert, the only Republican candidate for state auditor received 147,675 votes statewide and 2,677 in Morrison County. He will run against Democrat incumbent Rebecca Otto who received 149,675 votes or 80.93 percent. In Morrison, Otto was backed by 1,863voters for 75.49 percent.

Republican Scott Newman will run against incumbent Democrat attorney general Lori Swanson. Newman received 63.23 percent of the vote statewide (103,988) and 58.04 percent of the vote in Morrison County (2,343).  Swanson received 174,174 votes statewide and 2,343 in Morrison County.

Registered voters in Morrison County numbered about 17,892 the morning of the primary. Of those, approximately 7,382 turned out to vote — about 41.25 percent, compared to a statewide average of 12.89 percent.