We need Doty again in St. Paul 

To the Editor:

In a day when politics has nearly become a blood sport, I’m always a bit amazed and heartened that some hardy souls among us still have the dedication and “call” to serve in political office. In that vein, I’m thankful that Al Doty is running to once again represent our fine community in St. Paul.

In the many years I’ve known Al, I’ve been impressed with his depth of knowledge on a broad array of issues. He understands the pocketbook realities facing his middle- and low-income constituents and works to actually deliver results for us. He’s served as a teacher/coach, a senior advocate, a city councilman, a state representative and a congressional field representative.

Al has also served as a board member of Horizon Health, Pine Grove Zoo, Faith Community Church and has been an officer in the Rich Prairie Jaycees, Pierz Fish Lake Property Owners Association and the Pierz Federation of Teachers. In these community ventures, he’s been a collaborative leader — one who listens to people and brings their input directly to his legislative priorities.

Please join me in once again electing Al Doty to represent us in St. Paul. — Deb Ludemann, Little Falls