Computer and phone scams on the rise in Pierz

The Pierz Police Department has noticed a number of computer-related and caller identification (ID) scams in the Pierz area.

The first scam is phone related. The scammer provides a false ID to be displayed on telephone they will be calling. This false caller ID is usually the name of a banking franchise. However, the Pierz Police Department has also investigated the same scam where people’s names, usually of local people, have been used as the caller ID.

The second scam is a computer-related scam. This occurs when a computer hackers gains access to a person’s email address book. They in turn send an email out to all the contacts stating the resident is out of the country, has been attacked, all their travel documentation along with their cash and credit cards have been stolen and that they need money sent to them immediately.

“Both these scams are an attempt to gain access to your financial assets and are extremely difficult to track back to a suspect,” said Pierz Police Chief Eric Hanneken. “If you are involved in one of these scams please notify your local law enforcement agency.”

For questions or concerns involving this matter, call Hanneken or the Pierz Police Department at (320) 468-0299.