Skorseth announces run for Ward 2 Little Falls City Council seat

Theresa Skorseth
Theresa Skorseth

Theresa Skorseth has announced she will run for the Little Falls City Council, to represent Ward 2.

In 2006, Skorseth was a Vista volunteer in service to the Morrison County Interfaith Hospitality Network, which sheltered and assisted homeless families with children, helping the parents find jobs, services and housing.

Until 2008, she was a program assistant with the Rural AIDS Action Network, which served people living with HIV or AIDS in Greater Minnesota and provided an educational arm to the public.

“My concern is for the marginalized of Little Falls,” said Skorseth. “I feel the present City Council has catered to the interests of the comfortable for too long, to the detriment of the poor and people of color.

“If elected, I will represent all citizens, but with special attention for the poor, for people of color and all those who have been ignored, exploited or harassed,” said Skorseth.

  • Thank you for jumping in! Klinker, his incompetence and tantrums have to go.I think using a police threat to force Hensel to move a camera that was within the area designated by the city council…she broke no law, violated no policy…she in fact followed policy! Abuse of power and the over extending of police power…enough is enough. . Shutting down public forum speakers because he didn’t like what they had to say…

    Free speech as a constitutional right wasn’t intend for those we agree with, its written EXCLUSIVELY to protect the rights of those we don’t agree with!

    You know who supported freedom of speech for only those he agreed with? Hitler & Stalin.

  • robin hensel

    This will be the most interesting election in all of Little Falls history. Theresa, your ideas are a breath of fresh air.