Kresha supports women in business

To the Editor:

In the last legislative session, Rep. Kresha took the initiative to advocate for women who start businesses and women in the work place. He understands our future economic growth will succeed when all business owners and workers have a path to prosperity.

Because of his work with women entrepreneurs, Rep. Kresha was asked to be on the conference committee for the Women’s Economic Security Act (WESA). Kresha was chosen because of his ability to put politics aside and to work towards meaningful solutions.

When Rep. Kresha was working on the conference committee, he was asked why he attended the Women’s Economic Summit and why he supported this legislation. His simply said, “It is easy to do the right thing, and if this piece of legislation helps more women succeed as business owners, then our rural community benefits.”

It is no secret that we need more skilled men and women in the work force and this bill moves us in that direction.

It is refreshing to have a representative who advocates for both women and men in the workplace and follows through by supporting proactive legislation. I look forward to re-electing Ron Kresha Nov. 4. — Patty Wilczek, deputy chair, Morrison County Republicans, Little Falls

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    Everyone in 9B can’t be a business owner. Ron Kresha voted against raising
    the minimum wage. For women and for men. There’s nothing wrong with
    taking care of our business owners, but they shouldn’t be the only ones
    Kresha is worried about.
    The Morrison GOP Deputy Chair is right, ” we need more skilled men and women
    in the work force’. We get skilled men and women through education. Too
    bad Kresha voted no on the final education funding bill.