Kresha voted ‘no’ to education funding

To the Editor:

This will be a better year for our area school budgets, thanks to several good bills passed by the DFL Legislature. Those DFL bills put more state money into our schools, so our property taxes won’t have to increase.

What was in those bills?

A $485 million increase in school funding. That added $238 million to their school funding formula or $158 per student over the next two years.

Payback of the remaining $854 million previously borrowed from our schools.

$134 million for all-day kindergarten.

$40 million for early childhood education scholarships to help more children attend high quality childcare and preschool.

$20 million for the Student Achievement Levy which equalizes education funding across the state.

$250 million to freeze college tuition and reduce student debt.

Ron Kresha voted against every one of those bills.

Here’s wishing our students and school staff a great year. Thanks to the DFL, not Ron Kresha. — Carol Valesano, Little Falls

  • Guest
    • Federal

      You’ve provided the facts everyone needs to decide for themselves. Scroll
      down to the last vote. The vote that counted. The vote that decided if the
      bill went to the governor or not.
      Click on that vote. Kresha voted no.

      Kresha and his supporters can quit playing games. He made those votes, now
      own them, and own up to them.

      • Rick Witte

        I guess in the lexicon Kresha uses voting against something equates with supporting it. I am sure he will merely say that he really supports the funding but not the bill which included it. I guess he will only support what completely meets his ideology. He states that he overlooks politics but it seems from his voting record politics reigns supreme.